Eab тормозные свойства изменены

What is EAB and the SSC?

The Student Success Collaborative (SSC) is a tool developed by the Education Advisory Board (EAB).

eab тормозные свойства изменены

SSC combines technology, consulting, and best practice eab тормозные свойства изменены to help colleges and universities use data to improve retention and graduation rates. At the core of SSC is a proprietary predictive model that identifies at-risk students as well an analytics engine that isolates systemic barriers to degree completion. To complement the predictive model, SSC provides advisors and other student success specialists with powerful communication and workflow tools to transform insight to action and administrators with customized change management guidance to support eab тормозные свойства изменены transformation.

eab тормозные свойства изменены

With SSC, institutions can identify, reach, and monitor students at scale while accessing rich data to measure intervention effectiveness.

The application is designed around a three-stage model: triage, assess, and intervene.

• Triage: Using advanced search, early alerts, and other risk identifiers, faculty and staff advisors eab тормозные свойства изменены proactively find students in need of help instead of waiting for students to come to them or reactively reaching out to them after the student is already off path.

• Assess: Student profiles show key trends that contribute to outcomes such as GPA trend, credit accumulation, and student performance.

The data is shown in a way that highlights issues most likely to cause risk to the student's outcome, such as poor performance in a key course or a declining GPA trend, making it easier for the advisor to suggest solutions.

• Intervene: The student profile gives the advisor several ways to reach out to the student and note these interventions, as well as set reminders for follow eab тормозные свойства изменены with the student.

Источник: https://eab.columbusstate.edu/index.php